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Blizzard’s Mobile aspirations might be in danger

Is Blizzard’s mobile market now in danger? After the incident that occurred this week where Blizzard Entertainment banned professional Hearthstone player Ng Wai “blitzchung” Chung, things don’t look good for the publisher. At the moment there is a huge backlash going on in the community and even employees have shown …

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How to play World of Warcraft on Mobile

Imagine you are at work or school and you are bored. That’s not surprising, because everyone has. What if you can fill that time with leveling, for example, your Classic character? Redditor reallybadpennystocks showed in a video that he was leveling his priest, and everyone was curious how he did …

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World of Warcraft Mobile Game possibly incoming

Very recently, Xiaomi revealed that they will start selling two World of Warcraft branded phones. This was spotted in a Weibo post for Redmi Phones. This sparks the rumor mill regarding a possible World of Warcraft mobile game. Blizzard has stated before that they want to create a mobile game …

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