5 features we want to see in Classic World of Warcraft

With the announcement of World of Warcraft: Classic the rumor mills have started to turn and fans are starting to speculate what Blizzard might change to vanilla to make it work in modern times. We rounded up some features that were either in vanilla or added later that we want to see, to make Classic WoW an even better experience.

1. Split Servers
The single best thing about Vanilla WoW in our opinion is that servers were split. Nowadays, all the servers are linked together so you can play with friends even though they are not on your server. Which is great but split servers brought some great features with it as well.
You used to know each and every good player on your server. There were players that were famous because of the status of their guild or their skills in PvP. If you did something wrong, like stealing an item during a raid, the entire server would know in a matter of minutes. Each server was his own little community that had rivalries between guilds, pvp-ers and of course real Alliance vs. Horde rivalries that went all the way to the forums where players would trash talk each other.
Being famous in a video game is awesome, we want this back!

2. No Dungeon Queue
This must be the biggest debate of all. Should there be a Dungeon Queue in Classic WoW? We believe that there shouldn’t be. One of my fondest memories of Vanilla is walking around in Stormwind and looking at all the amazing players that walked around, whilst I was looking in chat to find a group. “LFG Deathmines Hunter!!” This will also push players to make friends on their server and join guilds to find easier groups. I found this a great way to meet new people and I sometimes still wonder what happened to all my old guildmates

3. The Old Talents
Talent Trees are a lot simpler nowadays in comparison to vanilla. During that time your talent trees were a serious math equation that was proven hard to be solved but rewarding when done. Nowadays you go to google to find your best talents while in vanilla your talents were always different based on the other stats your character had. It brought an extra level to the game and personalization of your character.

4. Duel Specialization
It’s normal to us that you can change your specialization wherever and whenever you want but in vanilla this was a different story. In the early years of Warcraft you could only play one specialization and be switching to a different one would eventually cost you 50 gold. 50 gold was a LOT of money in vanilla so a good quality of life change would be that we get to have multiple specs in Classic.

5. PvP Rankings
Farming for Grand Marshal/High Warlord was hell. It took months to achieve the rank and even then you had to keep playing PvP hours a day to maintain the rank. Maintaining it was insane and almost impossible to do but if you did you were the most famous person on your server and everyone would know you. In this day and age it would be hard for people to even try and get the highest rank since the kids that played in vanilla are all much older now and probably have a family. My hope is, that a new generation of classic players will rise and gain the status of Grand Marshal.