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Unlock Exclusive Rewards in Diablo Immortal’s Epic World of Warcraft Crossover Event

Diablo Immortal has launched Shadow of the Frozen Throne, a crossover event inspired by World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, running until July 26. During this time, players can obtain Frostmourne-themed cosmetics.

Fans of Diablo Immortal can now get their hands on this legendary World of Warcraft weapon. The Shadow of the Frozen Throne is a special, limited-time crossover event where players can discover Frozen Gates scattered across the game world, each leading to a unique instance filled with ice-themed monsters.


Overcome Frigid Terror in Diablo Immortal x World of Warcraft

In a spectacle of fate, Frostmourne, a mysterious blade belonging to the feared Lich King, has materialized in Sanctuary. Undead threats amass in frost-laden portals, bolstering Diablo’s ever-growing strength. Sinister forces from two distinct universes have collided! The havoc they can wreak together is immeasurable. Adventurer, it is up to you to strike down these emerging dangers in theDiablo Immortal® x World of Warcraft® collaboration!

Shadow of the Frozen Throne Event

Menacing Frozen Gates have been spotted throughout Sanctuary’s wilderness. Their glacial presence intimidates all who dare to gaze upon them. FromJuly 4, 3 a.m.–July 26, 3 a.m. server time, you must track down these portals, brave the bitter cold by entering them, and melt the frozen hearts of the invaders waiting within.

A newfound power,Chill of the Frozen Throne, will be at your fingertips as you navigate the home of the freezing dead. Here’s how it works: Killing 5 monsters increases damage by 10% for 10 seconds. Randomly raise an undead warrior to fight for you (up to 5). Let this long unseen power champion your victory and lead you to rewards.

Thaw Out Otherworldly Rewards

Logging into Diablo Immortal during the Shadow of the Frozen Throne event will earn you the Icecrown Frame and completing the event will net you theFrostmourne Weapon Cosmetic. Just make sure to keep Frostmourne fed with souls, or else…

Reimagine your portal in image of the looming Icecrown Citadel. Receive a World of Warcraft-inspiredIcecrown Pathway Portalwith any Diablo Immortal real money purchase until July 26. In-game or Battle.net*only, limit one per character. The portal will be available to redeem starting July 11.

*If you received the Icecrown Pathway Portal as a bonus for any Diablo Immortal real money purchase made through Battle.net, the first character you log into Diablo Immortal with is eligible to claim the portal.

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