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50% experience buff between level 1 and 25 in Phase 2 World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Blizzard shared more details about Season of Discovery Phase 2’s experience gains, unveiling a 50% XP increase for levels 1 to 25 to help players catch up.

The announcement coincided with the Preview of Phase 2 Season of Discovery, where Blizzard emphasized its commitment to ensuring that it’s never too late to join the ongoing season! The 50% XP increase for the first 25 levels is a great move to make the game easier and more fun for newcomers diving into the Season of Discovery.

Furthermore, Blizzard hinted at a mysterious XP gain world buff originating from Blackfathom Deeps. Players were reminded that despite these exciting changes, Blackfathom Deeps will maintain its standard 3-day lockout during Phase 2.

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It is Not too Late to Join in Season of Discovery

For players looking to catch up with their friends above level 25, we will be implementing a 50% experience buff for players between level 1 and 25. Players will also see an increase in experience gained within the Blackfathom Deeps raid dungeon when it is cleared. The raid dungeon will still continue to run with the current lockout timer, and players will no longer gain the world buff beyond level 39, however.

Waylaid Supplies will also see an adjustment, we will share more later, but there will be a significant increase in experience gained from them on turn-in.

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