Are World of Warcraft players getting Classic+?

With the recent sneak peek at BlizzCon, we have confirmation that something new is on the horizon for Classic WoW. This could be a continuation of what we’ve seen so far, like Cataclysm Classic, although they might not want to spoil it by showing the Cataclysm logo directly. However, there’s also a chance that World of Warcraft Classic+ is not just a dream.

A recent “leak” from 4chan adds some credibility to this possibility, especially since it mentions Chris Metzen as the project lead, and he has recently taken on the role of Executive Creative Director at Blizzard.

World of Warcraft
Screenshot of the now deleted thread on Reddit, as captured by Drakyry:

This supposed new content would resemble the Warlords of Draenor scenario but with a focus on the Dark Portal not opening on time, leading to a new timeline continuing from the Vanilla WoW experience. One intriguing detail is that the Emerald Dream would be one of the two new zones, aligning well with retail WoW’s 10.2 content and streamlining development efforts.

The comment about the “Reawakened Phase-Hunter model” refers to newer models being visually adjusted to fit the older aesthetic, similar to what happened with the Phase-Hunter mount in Burning Crusade Classic. The name of this potential expansion is a bit suspicious, as there were earlier leaks about “Awakenings” in patch 9.0 before Shadowlands, which also mentioned a world revamp. While this leak is a long shot, it does seem likely that something significant is in the works for the Classic Era.