Bagnon is a highly customizable bag replacement addon designed to help the player find items as quickly and as easily as possible. Beyond the basic all-bags-in-one functionality, Bagnon provides features such as:

  • Ability to view the items of any character, from anywhere *
  • Inventory, bank, vault and guild bank support
  • Coloring based on item quality and more
  • Intelligent item search engine
  • Tooltip item counts
  • Item rulesets
  • Databroker support

*– Requires the player to login and visit the bank once at each character

Classic Look?

Looking for a classic look? TryCombuctor, which is the same addon but with a more Blizzard looking design.


A wide assortment of plugins has been made by people in the community:


  • Please submit bugs and feature requests atGitHub.
  • Are you a developer? Bagnon provides arich APIfor developing plugins and extra rulesets!
  • Consider supporting Bagnon by becominga patronor submitting adonation.
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