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Blizzard Takes Action Against 200,000 World of Warcraft Classic Exploitative Accounts

Blizzard has recently disclosed their latest statistics regarding the measures they’ve undertaken to address violations within the World of Warcraft Classic player base.

It’s important to note that not all of these punitive actions result in permanent bans; the penalties imposed mainly consist of either six-month suspensions or permanent account terminations, all attributed to instances of cheating and exploitation in the game.

The data, according to Wowhead, for the months from June to September 2023 showcases a fluctuation in the numbers of accounts affected by these actions:

– In June 2023, Blizzard took action against a total of 127,014 accounts.
– July 2023 witnessed a decrease in these actions, with 116,921 accounts facing penalties.
– However, in August 2023, the number of accounts targeted rose to 145,566.
– By September 2023, Blizzard had addressed 136,014 accounts for various violations.

These statistics highlight Blizzard’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all World of Warcraft Classic players, reinforcing their zero-tolerance stance against cheating and exploitation within the game.

Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – October 2023 - (source)

To provide more transparency on the actions we take against cheating and exploitation, here is an accounting of the number of actions that were taken over the last month, October 2023:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions in October 2023: 203026

All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result in permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include other actions such as those taken on accounts with character name or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.