Blizzard adjusted the level requirement for Timewalking Dungeons in World of Warcraft

In the recent Patch 10.1.7 update, Blizzard has made a change that affects how players access Timewalking Dungeons in World of Warcraft.

Typically, players needed to reach Level 60 to participate in these special dungeons. However, Blizzard has adjusted this requirement for the new “Fury Incarnate” content. Now, players can join Timewalking Dungeons at Level 45, making it easier to dive into these experiences.

This change applies to all dungeons in the game. It was discovered by MrGM, who found the adjustment in the database tables. This alteration aims to enhance gameplay and offer players more diverse opportunities to enjoy Timewalking content.

Timewalking Events let you team up to replay old dungeons for new rewards. Your gear matches the dungeon’s level, and the loot is updated to the current expansion. You can also earn Timewarped Badges by completing quests and dungeons, which you can trade for cool items like mounts and toys.