Blizzard announces the launch window for World of Warcraft: The War Within.

In the 2024 Roadmap unveiled today, Blizzard pledges to release The War Within expansion in late summer or early fall 2024.

Blizzard plans to release The War Within expansion in late 2024, possibly following the formula of past November releases. The pre-patch is set for summer, with Alpha/Beta in the first half of 2024, and current Dragonflight servers receiving live updates. Two halfway-patches and a fourth season of content are also scheduled, with Patch 10.2.5 launching in winter and Patch 10.2.7 and Dragonflight season four arriving in spring. Cataclysm Classic will be released in the summer.

World of Warcraft in 2024 —The Road Ahead - (source)

Whew! It has been an incredible year for the WoW Team. We are endlessly grateful to our community for being in our world as we grow, change, experiment, and deliver as much magic and fun as possible!

This time last year, I posted our first roadmap. I’m so thankful to our team for seeing it all become real, and then some! We know that promising a thing is a far distant second to actually delivering on that promise. With that said, we continue to learn and evolve with each release and announcement this year, and we are fully focused on listening and responding to you and building for a strong future in Azeroth for all of us.

Listing everything we did together this year is huge: sixDragonflightcontent updates, Wrath content updates and the return of the Icecrown Citadel raid dungeon,Classic Hardcorelaunch, BlizzCon 2023, an incredible Race to World First inDragonflightSeason 3, and just recently,Classic Season of Discovery! This year has been one to remember and we want to keep the momentum going!

Now it’s time to share a look ahead into 2024!

In modernWorld of Warcraft, you’re going to see three more content updates forDragonflightarriving beforeWorld of Warcraft: The War Withinreleases next year. In these updates, we’ll be wrapping up the story for this expansion and laying the foundation for our next one.DragonflightSeason 4 will revisit Dragonflight’s dungeons and raids, along with outdoor content, featuring updated rewards, and a few new twists. Then, in the Spring/Summer, we’ll ask for your feedback when theWar Withinexpansion alpha and beta tests drop. We will continue to communicate details, dates, and more goodness as we get closer to content updates, just like this year! Well, most of it anyway (we’ll have some surprises in store too!). Coming up next in January, we have the Seeds of Renewal content update on tap and we’re currently keeping an eye on your feedback on the live public test realms (PTR) for this update.

InWoW Classic, we have updates coming forClassic Hardcorewith “Solo Self Found” support in February as a new way to challenge players and add a little more hardcore into your Hardcore.Lok’tar ogar!We’ll also have more phases to release inSeason of Discoverynext year as the adventure continues. And, of course,Cataclysm Classicis right around the corner in the first half of next year!

We remain committed to delivering content in all flavors ofWorld of Warcraftso no matter how you play, you won’t have to look far ahead to know something is right around the corner for you!

Above all, we are thankful for the gift of working onWorld of Warcraftwith you and embracing a time of evolution. From us all on the WoW Team, please have a happy, healthy holiday and a peaceful New Year.

We remain dedicated to continuing this amazing journey alongside you all.

Holly Longdale
Executive Producer