Season of Discovery

Blizzard Reveals Boost to World of Warcraft Season of Discovery’s XP Bonus

Blizzard noticed that players prefer Nightmare Incursions for leveling in Season of Discovery. To balance things out, Blizzard plans to boost the experience bonus for Discoverer’s Delight while also decreasing the experience gained from Nightmare Incursions starting next week.

On the official World of Warcraft forum, Aggrend, the WoW Classic Game Producer, announced a change in plans. The team has realized that Nightmare Incursions might overshadow other activities during the Season of Discovery in their current state. Consequently, the classic team will be making an adjustment on Monday to boost the XP bonus of Discoverer’s Delight.

This buff will likely increase the XP bonus for levels 40-49 from 50% to approximately 75% or slightly higher. Be sure to read the entire blue post below:

Discoverer’s Delight and Nightmare Incursions Adjustments Coming - Week of 4/8 - (source)


We’ve been having a blast watching everyone enjoying themselves in Nightmare Incursions over the past few days, but we wanted to give you a little bit of advanced notice for a change we plan to make early next week and give you a bit of an explanation of our reasoning and how we decided on this adjustment.

We always intended for Nightmare Incursions to be a very valuable source of experience, but one thing we didn’t intend was that they would be so much better than most other forms of experience gain between level 40 and 50. We have become concerned that Nightmare Incursions may overshadow most other activities in the game in their current form, and while we are all having a lot of fun, we’d hate for folks to feel like they need to entirely eschew the rest of the level 40 to 50 level-up content for the entire phase.

As a result, we will be making an adjustment on Monday to increase the magnitude of Discoverer’s Delight’s XP buff. We are still working through the percentages we will adjust, but we are likely going to increase the level 40-49 buff from 50% bonus experience from all sources to around 75% or slightly more. To offset this, we will be reducing the amount of experience gained from mission quests in Nightmare Incursions.

One thing to note is that while we will reduce experience from Nightmare Incursions missions, the creatures within the Nightmare themselves are still impacted by Discoverer’s Delight. As a result they will become more lucrative as well with this adjustment and they already have a higher than normal multiplier on their XP gain. This will serve to make kill quests within the dream more lucrative compared to the other types of collection or interaction quests, which we feel also helps correct an imbalance there as well.

Ultimately we love Nightmare Incursions and think they are a flavorful, fun addition to Season of Discovery, but we totally recognize that they run the risk of “too much of a good thing” and becoming stale to players, particularly leveling multiple characters as they are currently such a strong source of experience. We feel that this is the best compromise to keep incursions rewarding while also encouraging participating in questing and dungeons without feeling like you are leaving so much efficiency on the table.

We wanted to let you know this ahead of time however, so if you are enjoying Nightmare incursions as-is, you can continue as you have been throughout the rest of the weekend before we offset some of these xp gains to other activities.

We again want to thank everyone for participating in our wild season of discovery experiment with us. We go into each phase with ambitious plans but sometimes some aspects of the game have some rough edges that require us to make adjustments on the fly to correct outliers like this. As always, we appreciate your patience as we write the story of Season of Discovery together with you.

We can’t wait for more of you to get into Sunken Temple this weekend and are eager to share more information with you on our plans for Phase 4 as we get closer to that release.

Thank you, and have a great weekend.|

-The WoW Classic Dev Team