World of Warcraft The War Within

Blizzard Puts an End to World of Warcraft 2 Talk: Anticipate More Expansions After Worldsoul Saga

BlizzCon 2023’s Worldsoul Saga reveal sparked rumors of ‘World of Warcraft 2,’ but Blizzard quickly dismissed them.

During BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard unveiled the Worldsoul Saga, teasing the possibility of three World of Warcraft expansions releasing annually. The first new expansion, The War Within, will introduce four fresh zones as players delve deep into the heart of Azeroth: the Isle of Dorn, the Ringing Deeps, Hallowfall, and Azj-kahet, a significant hub of nerubian civilization. The War Within will include a brand new race: Earthen Allied Race. This race will be accessible to both Horde and Alliance factions and there will be a total of 8 new dungeons. Four of them will be encountered while you level up, and the other four will be available towards the end of the campaign. One of these dungeons will involve confronting the Candle King, another will have you riding dragons, and there’s even the Cinderbrew Meadery to explore!

In the World of Warcraft Midnight expansion, players will confront the Void. Throughout this new chapter, heroes will embark on an exhilarating journey focused on the Void’s invasion of Azeroth. The adventure takes them back to the familiar landscapes of Quel’Thalas in the Old World, where they must face a grave danger: the malevolent Void’s attempt to extinguish the Light of the Sunwell. The third and final expansion, World of Warcraft The Last Titan, will take us back to Ulduar and showcase the Titans’ comeback to Azeroth.

This revelation prompted fans to swiftly turn to Reddit, eager to dissect and discuss their predictions and theories. Chris Metzen’s characterization of the Worldsoul Saga as the “culmination of 20 years of storytelling” has added fuel to the fire, is Blizzard using the Worldsoul Saga as a stepping stone to set the stage for a World of Warcraft 2?

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Well, during an interview with Digital Trends, franchise general manager John Hight told that this is not the case:

“This is not the end of World of Warcraft; this is the end of this big chapter. We will continue to do expansions beyond that.”

At BlizzCon 2023, Digital Trends talked to Hight and Warcraft Rumble exec producer Vik Saraf about the future of Warcraft. They made it clear that Warcraft is not slowing down in MMO, mobile, or real-time strategy (RTS). Hight even mentioned he wants World of Warcraft expansions to come out faster.

“Blizzard is known for creating forever games. That’s what we aspire to be as well. You look at World of Warcraft, almost 20 years;Hearthstone, almost 10 years. Seeing these elder siblings essentially have games that have lasted as long as they have, it’s really inspiration for us to aim for that as well. We’re fortunate enough to have a very active, engaged, and committed community that allows that to be a lot easier for us, but our job is just getting started. We want to make sure that we are servicing fans with what they want and able to continue to inject new life into the game so it continues to stay relevant and fun for them to play for years on end.”

World of Warcraft Console

While the prospect of World of Warcraft 2 remains uncertain, the idea of bringing World of Warcraft to consoles has been a longstanding topic of discussion.

During BlizzCon 2023, Holly Longdale, the vice president and executive producer for World of Warcraft, informed that Blizzard Entertainment is intrigued by the concept and frequently engages in discussions about it. She hinted that technical hurdles might not be the primary concern, but adapting the game’s accessibility for console players could present a unique challenge. Read about it here