Alterac Valley

Blizzard extends Alterac Valley Bonus due to a bug

Blizzard Entertainment is extending the Alterac Valley bonus weekend by 24 hours for World of Warcraft due to a recent technical glitch.

The issue temporarily disrupted the Alterac Valley bonus weekend, preventing players from fully enjoying the promised perks and rewards. Blizzard acknowledges the inconvenience and aims to ensure a positive gaming experience for its community.

Additional honor and experience points are available for participating in the Alterac Valley battleground from Friday to Monday. Alterac Valley is more focused on player versus environment (PVE), resembling a large raid, making it more tolerable for those who dislike player versus player (PVP) dynamics.

To access the schedule, refer to the in-game calendar or observe the icons surrounding your minimap.

AV Bonus Weekend Extended - (source)

Followingthis bug fix29, we implemented a subsequent hotfix to extend the current Alterac Valley Bonus Weekend by 24 hours. This weekend has an extra day!

Thank you for your patience.

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