Warcraft Rumble

Blizzard stops sending Warcraft Rumble emails tomorrow

Blizzard has made an announcement via the Warcraft Forum that Warcraft Rumble messages to your in-game mailbox will stop, starting from tomorrow.

Warcraft Rumble, an action-packed mobile strategy game set in the beloved Warcraft universe, offers players an opportunity to engage in thrilling melee battles with collectible Minis. The game boasts diverse modes, including a solo campaign and intense player-versus-player showdowns. Naturally, Blizzard wants to inform the community about the game’s release via in-game mail. However, some members of the community have expressed concerns about the frequency of these messages.

WarCraft Rumble

On the Warcraft Forum, a community member named Abàddon inquired: “While I appreciate and understand the need to promote the new game, can we please reduce the daily mailings that players have to manually delete repeatedly?”

Kaivax responded: “We’ve confirmed that these specific mailings should cease with the Guardians of the Dream update, which is set to arrive tomorrow.”

In Warcraft Rumble, you’ll experience the heart-pounding action, the depth of strategy, and the joy of commanding a Mini army in the Warcraft universe—all right at your fingertips. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where chaos and victory await!

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