Season of Discovery

Blizzard has already implemented nerfs to certain runes in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Blizzard has shared some early updates for World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, particularly regarding runes. Additionally, changes are in place for Ashenvale PvP and other aspects of the game.

Blizzard identified issues in Season of Discovery leading to design changes. Notably, Mage healing via Arcane Explosion was reduced by 80%, and the Explosive Shot rune ability was revamped for more balanced damage. Hunters, particularly with Explosive Shot, were adjusted to align with other classes at level 25.

The Ashenvale PvP event received tweaks for easier initiation, emphasizing the need for more level 25 players. Various fixes were applied to Rune acquisitions, and bugs involving Blackfathom Deeps and Aku’mai’s Void Elemental adds were addressed. Blizzard commits to transparent updates for any future gameplay-impacting changes.

Season of Discovery - Initial Adjustments - (source)

Over the first 24 hours of Season of Discovery, we made a few discoveries of our own that resulted in design changes. We expect that most players haven’t seen much of this yet, but want to note it for reference.

Season of Discovery

  • Healing caused by Arcane Explosion reduced by 80%.
    • We did not intend for Mage healing to trivialize content.
  • The Explosive Shot rune ability has been redesigned and its damage dramatically decreased. Each time it deals damage, it now damages all enemies within 8 yards of the primary target.
  • Chimera Shot damage reduced to 85% weapon damage.
    • When it comes to output, Hunters are proving to be an outlier. With these changes, Explosive Shot should fill the AOE niche and Hunters should still be very strong, but also more in-line with the output of other classes at level 25.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Ashenvale PvP event to allow it to start a bit easier.
    • Please be reminded that there will not be much intrigue here until Ashenvale is teeming with level 25 players.
  • Numerous fixes have been made to Rune acquisitions to make them less prone to bottlenecking.
  • Fixed a bug with Twilight Lord Kelris in Blackfathom Deeps that was causing him to target pets with his abilities too often, including his Sleep ability, which should no longer target pets at all.
  • Fixed a bug with Aku’mai’s Void Elemental adds that caused their Shadowbolt Volley ability to deal incorrect damage.

Going forward, if we need to make changes that will impact gameplay, we’ll note them in our usual Hotfixes Update.

We encourage you to let us know about any bugs you encounter using the in-game Bug Reporter.

Thank you!