Blizzard has announced World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery

Blizzard revealed that WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery is set to kick off in a matter of weeks, featuring a level cap of 25. Furthermore, Black Fathom Deeps will undergo an expansion, transforming it into a 10-player raid, complete with extra bosses and alterations to the raid structure.

In a noteworthy departure from their usual approach, Blizzard also confirmed that, a few months down the line, they will raise the level cap and introduce fresh content. Instead of releasing new raids in each phase, Blizzard has opted to release phases with lower level caps as part of the Season of Discovery’s strategy.

World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Announced at BlizzCon - (source)

World of WarcraftExecutive Producer Holly Longdale took to the BlizzCon 2023 stage to announce a newWoW Classicseasonal experience: Season of Discovery.

In Season of Discovery, players will discover new secrets by scouring Azeroth to find class-altering abilities. Tanking Warlocks, Mage healers, and more will be possible. The Season will launch with an initial level cap of 25, and upon reaching max level, players will be met with a new level-25 endgame! Discover a 10-player Blackfathom Deeps raid with new and reimagined bosses, mechanics, and rewards. Not long after, the level cap will be increased by a few levels, bringing even more endgame content.

In the Blizzard Press Kit for WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Blizzard unveiled a fresh User Interface feature involving Runes, which, once activated, appear to grant access to additional spells and talents.

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery