Blizzard Investigating Kick Bot Automation in World of Warcraft

Blizzard is aware of the use of “kick bot macros” in Rated PvP gameplay, where players automate certain actions. They’ve stated that they are looking into this issue and will take action as needed.

These macros, combined with software like AutoHotKey, help players perform specific actions, like interrupting spells and stuns, with precise timing. They do this automatically, so players don’t have to manually intervene. They can even detect and adapt if a protective buff, like Divine Protection or Anti-Magic Shell, is active, ensuring the action works correctly.

According to the person who posted this information, many high-ranking players have been using these techniques for quite some time. They may gain an unfair advantage in PvP situations. These techniques have been showcased in various gameplay videos, which you can find linked below. Blizzard is committed to investigating and addressing this issue to keep the game fair for all players in Rated PvP content. They want to maintain a balanced gaming environment and ensure everyone has an equal chance. They’ll keep an eye on the situation and take action as needed to keep things fair for everyone.