World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Blizzard modified the necessary reputation to acquire certain runes in Season of Discovery

Blizzard adjusted the reputation needed for certain Runes in Season of Discovery, shifting it from Honored to Friendly.

In World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, players can uncover fresh secrets by exploring Azeroth to acquire class-altering abilities. Unusual combinations like Tanking Warlocks and Mage healers will become achievable. The season kicks off with a level cap of 25, and upon reaching this maximum level, players will encounter a new level-25 endgame.

Rune Engraving is a new set of skills for all players that exists outside of the talent system. It allows you to apply new abilities to your equipment and swap them at any time. To start at level 25, you’ll have three slots to engrave: chest, legs, and hands, with additional rune slots unlocking at higher levels.

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Blizzard just adjusted the reputation that is needed for certain runes from Hornored to Friendly, however, this change only applies to the Supply Officers in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. The information was reported by WoWhead. Notably, Unfortunately, the Azeroth Commerce Authority and Durotar Supply and Logistics need to work on their communication between cities.

Supply Officers Elaine Compton in Stormwind and Jornah in Orgrimmar are the only ones offering the reduced Reputation requirements. They now provide Class Runes at Friendly Reputation instead of Honored, accompanied by a lower Gold cost.