Blizzard No Longer Manufactures Physical Authenticators

Blizzard has officially announced they discontinued manufacturing physical authenticators, so if you have one and are worried it may die soon, you may want to swap to the phone app.Originally posted by Blizzard (View Original)Collapse

I’ve been searching all over the place, and I can’t see a place where it says that these have been discontinued. But the link to the store where they used to sell them is just a 404 now.

So, does Blizzard no longer provide hardware authentication? I’m starting to make the move away from phone apps and into authentication hardware like a yubikey.We no longer manufacture, or offer physical authenticators. Sorry!Later in the forum thread, players noticed that the Authenticator Support Article was updated two weeks ago to remove all mentions of the physical authenticator. There is also an authenticator category on the Blizzard shop, but everything is sold out. Roughly a decade ago, Blizzard released many variants of the physical authenticator with special skins, such as a StarCraft version for BlizzCon 2009 and a Deathwing one for BlizzCon 2010.

You can add an authenticator to your phone and download it here. Learn more about authenticators at Blizzard’s FAQ.