Diablo Immortal

Blizzard releases statement on exploitation of Diablo Immortal’s in-game economy

In a recent statement, the Diablo Immortal development team has emphasized their strong stance against any form of exploitation within the game’s economy and systems.

The Diablo Immortal team has issued a clear message: they’re cracking down on cheaters. The statement serves as both a reminder and a warning to players that engaging in prohibited activities, as outlined in the Blizzard End User License Agreement, will result in serious consequences.

These activities include purchasing items or currencies from unauthorized third-party vendors, engaging in fraudulent transactions, exploiting bugs, scamming, account sharing, win-trading, and using third-party programs to automate gameplay. Make sure to read the entire Statement released by Blizzard today below:

A statement on in-game economy exploitation - (source)

Dear Adventurers,

The Diablo Immortal team takes a firm stance against exploitation and intentional disruption of the game’s economy and systems. Today we have taken a fresh wave of action against accounts found to be engaging in this behavior. This is a reminder and warning that if we find any account engaged in the following—or any other prohibited activity described in theBlizzard End User License Agreement—we will apply either a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

  • Purchasing items and/or currencies from unauthorized third-party vendors
  • Making fraudulent transactions on the in-game orBattle.netShop
  • Exploiting bugs to abuse the in-game Market or economy
  • Scamming, account sharing, and win-trading
  • Using third-party programs and hardware to automate any facet of gameplay

We want the Diablo Immortal community to trust in our commitment to the game’s integrity and our ongoing mission to protect your time, and your well-earned progress. In addition to the actions today, we will continue to enforce these rules as we constantly evolve our detection processes to find and target clear violations.

Thank you for your support and for being part of our community.
–The Diablo Immortal Team