Sylvanas World of Warcraft

Blizzard removes voice line between Garrosh and Sylvanas in new Cataclysm Classic Beta Build

Discovered by World of Warcraft content creator MrGM, the voice line spoken by Garrosh to Sylvanas has been modified on the Cataclysm Classic Beta.

World of Warcraft is filled with iconic dialogues and moments, such as Deathwing’s “I am Deathwing, the destroyer, the end of all things, inevitable, indomitable; I am the CATACLYSM!” Illidan’s “You are not prepared!” and of course, “For The Horde!” and “For The Alliance!”

These voice lines have become iconic and will remain timeless. However, the game should be accessible to everyone, and some dialogues contain words that may not be suitable for younger players.

As revealed by N_Tys26, former WoW lead narrative designer Steve Danuser chose in 2020 to eliminate a line where Garrosh Hellscream refers to Sylvanas as a ‘b*tch’ at the beginning of the Silverpine Forest storyline: The Warchief Cometh, prompted by feedback from a team member who heard the voice line while playing the game with their child.

While the line reappeared in one of the initial Cataclysm Classic Beta Builds, MrGM recently noted that in the latest Beta build, it had been removed and the dialogue adjusted accordingly.