World of Warcraft

Blizzard is currently discussing the fate of your Season of Discovery character after the season concludes

Blizzard organized a Community Council Chat where Developers Josh Greenfield, Ana Resendez, and Nora Valleta fielded questions on Season of Discovery and World of Warcraft Classic

During the start of World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, Blizzard acknowledged the need for improved communication regarding the accessibility of certain Runes. The increased difficulty in obtaining these Runes adds an element of challenge, enhancing the overall game experience. Blizzard has future plans to introduce additional roles through Runes.

Despite players expressing frustration with Supply Crates, Blizzard is actively attentive to player feedback. They haven’t said exactly how they’ll change Supply Crates, though. Many players are doing quests for gold, but this means they might miss out on experience in the next phase. Blizzard is thinking about letting players earn experience through turning in Supply Crates.

A big question on players’ minds is if they’ll get to keep their characters after the Season ends. The publisher is talking about it within their team and asking for feedback to decide where these characters will go and what type of realm they’ll be in after the Season. But yes, you will be able to keep your character.

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