Holly Longdale

Blizzard reveals more World of Warcraft experiences to come

Holly Longdale, the Executive Producer, hinted that Blizzard has some new PvE content in the works, which they’ll soon share with the community.

With the release ofWorld of Warcraftpatch 10.2.6 Plunderstorm introduces a limited-time pirate-themed “battle royale” event that will run for a few weeks. Participants aim to outlast their fellow pirates as they traverse the Arathi Highlands in search of abilities, upgrades, and loot to survive. Players can earn cosmetics, pets, titles, and mounts as they progress through the reward track.

Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, it appears that Plunderstorm won’t be the only new mode Blizzard plans to add this year:

More World of Warcraft Experiences to Come - (source)

Greetings Citizens of Azeroth,

It’s been great seeing so many players taking the plunge into Plunderstorm and we’ve loved seeing all of the stories and feedback as this experimental event evolves. It will be exciting to see some of the community content creators going head-to-head as duos during thePlunderstorm Creator Royaleon March 30! This isn’t the end of the things we want to try inWorld of Warcraft, however, and we have more in store we can’t wait to show you.

DragonflightSeason 4 is en route as testing begins on the PTR and we’ll have more news to share soon™ on the next experiment we have up our sleeves. We hope those of you who are looking for PvE focused content will enjoy what we’re planning, all while we continue to press forward on development of our next expansion forWorld of Warcraft— The War Within.

We can’t wait to share with you all the many things the team has been hard at work on.

With gratitude and excitement for what we’ll do together next,

Holly Longdale