World of Warcraft The War Within

Blizzard reveals more World of Warcraft: The War Within Hero Talents

As The War Within approaches its release later this year, Blizzard has teased players with a sneak peek at new Hero Talent trees. In a recent announcement, previewed Hero Talent trees were showcased for the Druid, Hunter, Mage, and Priest classes.

Hero Talents, introduced in The War Within, span levels 71 to 80 and offer two talent trees for each class specialization. Players can activate a single Hero Talent tree per character and can change them similarly to current class talents in the game. Each class, except for druids with four and demon hunters with two, has three Hero Talent trees. Specializations can choose between two Hero Talent trees, and each tree is an option for two specializations.

In December of last year, Blizzard offered a preview of four Hero Talent trees applicable to Paladin, Evoker, Death Knight, and Warrior players. Now we get an early look at the Hero Talents for Druid, Hunter, Mage, and Priest

Get an Early Look at Hero Talents for Druid, Hunter, Mage, and Priest - (source)


Keepers of the Grove take inspiration from Cenarius’ mighty children to protect the balance of nature and safeguard the Dream. They channel the power of the Dream to make their spells especially potent and summon empowered treants to protect their allies and crush their enemies.


Dream Surge:Force of Naturegrants 3 charges ofDream Burst, causing your nextWrathorStarfireto explode on the target, dealing Nature damage to nearby enemies. Damage is reduced above 5 targets.

Grove Guardianscauses your next targeted heal to create 2 Dream Petals near the target, healing up to 3 nearby allies. Stacks up to 3 charges.


Treants of the Moon:Your treants castMoonfireon nearby targets about once every 6 seconds.

Expansiveness:Your maximum mana is increased by 5% and your maximum Astral Power is increased by 20.

Protective Growth:YourRegrowthprotects you, reducing damage you take by 8% while yourRegrowthis on you.


Choice Node:Power of Nature & Durability of Nature

  • Power of Nature: YourForce of Naturetreants no longer taunt and deal 20% increased damage. YourGrove Guardiansincrease the healing of yourRejuvenation,EfflorescenceandLifebloomby 5% while active.
  • Durability of Nature:YourForce of Naturetreants have 50% increased health. YourGrove GuardiansNourishandSwiftmendspells also apply a minor Cenarion Ward that heals the target over 8 seconds the next time they take damage.

Cenarius’ Might:CastingStarsurgeorStarfallincreases the damage of your nextStarsurgeorStarfallby 10%, stacking up to 2 times. Casting another spell cancels this effect.

CastingRegrowth,Wild Growth, orSwiftmendincreases the healing of your nextRegrowth,Wild Growth, orSwiftmendby 10%, stacking up to 2 times. Casting another spell cancels this effect.

Choice Node:Grove’s Inspiration & Persistent Enchantments

  • Grove’s Inspiration:WrathandStarfiredamage increased by 12%.Regrowth,Wild Growth, andSwiftmendhealing increased by 6%.
  • Persistent Enchantments:Orbital Strikeapplies Stellar Flare for 20 seconds andPrimordial Arcanic PulsargrantsCelestial Alignmentfor 2 additional seconds.ReforestationgrantsTree of Lifefor 2 additional seconds.


Choice Node:Bounteous Bloom & Early Spring

  • Bounteous Bloom:YourForce of Naturetreants generate 3 Astral Power every 2 seconds. Your Grove Guardians’ healing is increased by 20%.
  • Early Spring:Force of Naturecooldown reduced by 10 seconds.Grove Guardianscooldown reduced by 3 seconds.

Choice Node:Power of the Dream & Control of the Dream

  • Power of the Dream:Force of Naturegrants an additional stack of Dream Burst. Healing spells cast withDream Surgegenerate an additional Dream Petal.Cenarius’ Mightincreases spell damage or healing by an additional 5%.
  • Control of the Dream:Time elapsed while your major abilities are available to be used is subtracted from that ability’s cooldown after the next time you use it, up to 5 seconds. AffectsNature’s Swiftness,Incarnation: Tree of Life,Force of Nature,Celestial Alignment,andConvoke the Spirits.

Blooming Infusion:Every 5Regrowthsyou cast make your nextWrath,Starfire, orEntangling Rootsinstant and increases the damage it deals by 100%. Every 5StarsurgesorStarfallsyou cast makes your nextRegrowthorEntangling Rootsinstant.


Harmony of the Grove: Each of your Force of Naturetreants increases damage your spells deal by 3% while active. Each of yourGrove Guardiansincreases your healing done by 3% while active.


You have made a pact with dark magic and have embraced hatred and necromancy for your own personal benefit. Strike from the shadows and assault your enemies with necrotic/shadow empowered abilities. Enemies who fall from your abilities further empower your dark energies.


Black Arrow: Fire aBlack Arrowinto your target, causing it to take Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 16 seconds. Each time Black Arrowdeals damage, you have a chance to reset the cooldown ofAimed ShotorBarbed Shot. 30 second cooldown.


Ranger’s Finesse:Aimed ShotandRapid Firedeal 15% increased damage.Barbed ShotandKill Commanddeal 15% increased damage.

Dark Hounds:Each timeBlack Arrowdeals damage, you have a chance to manifest an undead hound to charge your target and deal Shadow damage.

Death Shade:When you applyBlack Arrowto a target, you gain the Deathblow or Hunter’s Prey effect.


Choice Node:Dark Empowerment & Grave Reaper

  • Dark Empowerment:WhenBlack Arrowresets the cooldown of an ability, gain 15 Focus.
  • Grave Reaper:When a target affected byBlack Arrowdies, the cooldown ofBlack Arrowis reduced by 12 seconds.

Choice Node:Embrace the Shadows & Smoke Screen

  • Embrace the Shadows:You heal for 15% of all Shadow damage dealt by you or your pets.
  • Smoke Screen:Exhilaration grants you 3 seconds of Survival of the Fittest. Survival of the Fittest activates Exhilaration at 50% effectiveness.

Dark Chains:Disengagewill chain the closest target to the ground, causing them to move 40% slower until they move 8 yards away.


Intense Darkness:WhenTrueshotorCall of the Wildis active,Black Arrowdeals damage 50% faster.

Shadow Surge:WhenMulti-Shothits a target affected byBlack Arrow, a burst of Shadow energy erupts dealing moderate Shadow damage to all enemies near the target. This can only occur once every 6 seconds.

Choice Node:Darkness Calls & Shadow Assassin

  • Darkness Calls:All Shadow damage you and your pets deal is increased by 10%.
  • Shadow Assassin:Kill Shothas a 15% chance to generate a charge ofAimed ShotorBarbed Shotwhen used on a target affected byBlack Arrow.


Withering Fire:WhenBlack Arrowresets the cooldown ofAimed ShotorBarbed Shot,a barrage of dark arrows strikes your target for Shadow damage and increases the damage you and your pets deal by 10% for 6 seconds.


Frostfire Mages harness a fusion of fire and ice magic to burn and freeze their enemies. Their use of elemental magic empowers them, enabling devastating combinations of spell casts and increasing their output by manipulating temperatures.


Frostfire Mastery:Your damaging Fire spells generate 1 stack of Fire Mastery and Frost spells generate 1 stack of Frost Mastery. Fire Mastery increases your Haste by 1% and Frost Mastery increases your Mastery by 1% for 12 seconds, stacking up to 8 times each. Adding stacks does not refresh duration.


Choice Node:Imbued Warding & Meltdown

  • Imbued Warding:Blazing Barrieralso casts anIce Barrierat 25% effectiveness for Fire.Ice Barrieralso casts a Blazing Barrierat 25% effectiveness for Frost. This also affects yourMass Barrier.
  • Meltdown:You melt slightly out of yourIce BlockandIce Cold, allowing you to move slowly duringIce Blockand increasing your movement speed over time.Ice BlockandIce Coldtrigger a Blast Wave when they end.

Frostfire Bolt:Launches a bolt of Frostfire at the enemy, dealing Frostfire damage, slowing movement speed by 50%, and causing additional Frostfire damage over 8 seconds.Frostfire Boltgenerates a stack of both Fire Mastery and Frost Mastery. ReplacesFrostboltfor Frost andFireballfor Fire. 2 second cast time.

Choice Node:Elemental Affinity & Flame & Frost

  • Elemental Affinity:The cooldown of Frost spells is reduced by 10% for Fire. The cooldown of Fire spells is reduced by 30% for Frost.
  • Flame and Frost:Cauterize resets the cooldown of your Frost spells with a base cooldown shorter than 4 minutes when it activates for Fire.Cold Snapadditionally resets the cooldown of your Fire spells.


Isothermic Core:Comet Stormnow also calls down aMeteorat 100% effectiveness onto your target’s location.Meteornow also calls down aComet Stormat 150% effectiveness onto your target location.

Choice Node:Severe Temperatures & Thermal Conditioning

  • Severe Temperatures:Casting Frost or Fire spells increases the damage of your nextFrostfire Boltby 6%, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Thermal Conditioning:Frostfire Bolt’scast time is reduced by 10%.

Frostfire Infusion:Your Frost and Fire spells have a chance to trigger an additional bolt ofFrostfire, dealing Frostfire damage. This effect generates Frostfire Mastery when activated.


Excess Frost:Reaching maximum stacks of Frost Mastery causes your nextPhoenix Flames(Fire) /Flurry(Frost) to also castIce Novaat 200% effectiveness. When you consume Excess Frost, the cooldown ofMeteor(Fire) /Comet Storm(Frost) is reduced by 5 seconds.

Frostfire Empowerment:Your Frost and Fire spells have a chance to activateFrostfire Empowerment, causing your nextFrostfire Boltto always critically strike, explode for 80% of its damage to nearby enemies, and be instant cast.

Excess Fire:Reaching maximum stacks of Fire Mastery causes your nextFire Blast(Fire) /Ice Lance(Frost) to applyLiving Bombat 150% effectiveness. When thisLiving Bombexplodes, reduce the cooldown of Phoenix Flamesby 10 seconds (Fire) / gainBrain Freeze(Frost).


Flash Freezeburn:Frostfire Empowermentgrants you maximum benefit of Frostfire Mastery and refreshes its duration. ActivatingCombustionor Icy Veinsgrants youFrostfire Empowerment.


Gain insight into the future and use it to protect and empower your allies. Future sight grants the Priest the ability to grant multiple different and unique beneficial effects to their allies.


Premonition:Divine the future, and gain access to a spell that gives you an advantage against your fate. ReplacesPower Infusion. 1 minute cooldown. Instant Cast.

  • Solace:Increases your target’s healing received by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Insight:Increases your targets magic damage dealt by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Glory:Increases your target’s physical damage dealt by 10% for 10 seconds.


Preventative Measures: Increases the damage absorbed byPower Word: Shieldby 10% and the healing done byPrayer of Mendingby 10%.

Preemptive Care:Increases the duration of Atonement by 1 second and increases the duration ofRenewby 3 seconds.

Choice Node:Waste No Time & Miraculous Recovery

  • Waste No Time:Premonitioncauses your nextPower Word: Radiance,Heal, or Prayer of Healingto be instant cast and cost 15% less mana.
  • Miraculous Recovery: Reduces the cooldown ofPower Word: Lifeby 3 seconds and allows it to be usable on targets below 50% health.


Assured Safety:Power Word: Shiedapplies 1 stack ofPrayer of Mendingto your target.Prayer of Mendingcasts apply aPower Word: Shieldto your target at 20% effectiveness.

Choice Node:Prompt Deliverance & Divine Feathers

  • Prompt Deliverance:Reduces the cooldown ofPurifyby 2 seconds.
  • Divine Feathers: When an ally walks through yourAngelic Feather, you are also granted 100% of its effect.

Foreseen Circumstances:PainSuppressionreduces damage taken by an additional 10%.Guardian Spiritlasts an additional 2 seconds.


Grand Reveal:When yourPower Word: Shieldis fully absorbed or yourPrayer of Mendingheals, gain a stack of Grand Reveal. At 150 stacks, gain an additional charge ofPremonition.

Choice Node:Perfect Vison & Versatile Divinations

  • Perfect Vision: Reduces the cooldown ofPremonitionby 10 seconds.
  • Versatile Divinations: Premonition can now trigger the Brilliance and Urgency effects.
  • Brilliance:Restores 5% of your target’s maximum mana.
  • Urgency:Increases your target’s Haste by 12% for 10 seconds.

Choice Node:Divine Providence & Fatebender

  • Divine Providence:Increases the duration of yourPremonitioneffects by 2 seconds.
  • Fatebender:Premonition’seffect is increased by 30% if the divined spell is different than the previousPremonition.


Clairvoyance:Premonitionhas a low chance to grant you Clairvoyance.

  • Clairvoyance: Grants your target and two nearby allies all the effects of Premonitionat 100% effectiveness.