World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Blizzard added Cataclysm Classic Beta to the Launcher

Blizzard recently updated the Launcher by adding the Cataclysm Classic Beta. This suggests that the beta might become available soon.

In their updated roadmap, Blizzard revealed a delay in the beta testing for Cataclysm Classic. Originally scheduled for late Winter, it’s now set for early Spring 2024 due to the upcoming launch of Classic Hardcore Self-Found Mode in February. WoWhead reports the following CDN information:

            "world_of_warcraft#WOW_CATACLYSM_NAME_BETA": "Cataclysm Classic Beta",
            "world_of_warcraft#WOW_CATACLYSM_NAME_FULL": "Cataclysm Classic",

During the BlizzCon 2023 event, Holly Longdale, the Executive Producer of World of Warcraft, graced the stage with an exciting announcement. This year, Classic progression realms are set to progress from Wrath Classic to Cataclysm Classic, with some player-driven adjustments and enhancements.

In Cataclysm Classic, players will have the choice between using old or new character models, along with some essential engine updates. Also Cataclysm Classic aims to rectify certain problems from the original release, including faster leveling from 1-80, a more rapid patch release schedule, account-wide appearances, and more.

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