BlizzCon 2019: Diablo IV panel recap

We understand that not everyone could purchase a Virtual Ticket, so we made a recap of the Diablo IV panel for you
These are some highlight points from the Diablo IV panel

  • Diablo 4 will deal with a day and night cycle and different weather types in zones
  • The story will be spread non-linear over 5 different zones
    The five zones are Icy Peaks, Dark Forest or Scosglen, Kehjistan Deserts, Swamps and more.
  • The Class Barbarian will have 4 weapon slots and can use 1H and 2H weapons in the same build.

  • Druid was not officially planned for the game, but after new artwork was shown to the team, Fire magic was removed and made way for shapeshift magic
  • Just like World of Warcraft, the druid has Seamless shapeshifting. You can change during an attack or a spell. Which means you can change back quickly.
  • You can customize characters from hair, skin etc.
  • Talent trees and runewords will be present again.
  • Open world with non-linear campaign. Naturally repeatable.
  • Mounts are a thing in Diablo 4

  • There are several villages where you can talk to NPCs, but you can also talk to other characters, looking for group
  • Specific PvP areas
  • Waypoints are present
  • Mounts can swap out armor, saddle and other aesthetic customization. Not only cosmetic but also really helps with doing damage.
  • Dismount abilities to quickly take action.
  • 5 different classes will be playable, only 3 have been shown at BlizzCon.
  • No update on the release date.