Season of Discovery

Changes to Blackfathom Deeps and Hunters in Season of Discovery.

Blizzard is going to make some extra changes to improve the Season of Discovery in their game. These updates will happen during maintenance on December 12, so players can expect a better experience while playing.

season of discovery class tuning incoming december 12 - (source)

The following additional hotfixes have been added to the OP, and will come into effect with maintenance.

  • Hunter
    • Hunter pet attack values have been updated to better scale with Hunter attack power.
      • Developers’ notes: Pets that cast spells such as scorpid poison or Lightning Breath were scaling too well and pets using physical abilities were scaling too little. We’ve now normalized the amount of attack power gained, to scale with the focus cost of individual pet abilities. This means that abilities with a higher focus cost, that are cast less often, will receive more benefit from attack power per attack than abilities with a lower focus cost that can generally be used more often. Overall this should level out the damage and reduce situations where some abilities were scaling too much or too little with hunter attack power.
    • Scorpid poison now distributes the additional damage it gains from attack power evenly over each stack of Scorpid Poison on the target.
      • Developers’ notes: Previously, Scorpid poison received most of its benefit from the Hunter’s attack power in the very first stack. Now the additional damage gained from the controlling hunter will not be gained until the full 5 stacks of poison are on the target. This increases the ramp time a bit and makes it less immediately deadly in PvP.
    • Pets now receive a smaller portion of a hunter’s armor and stamina.
      • Developers’ notes: Hunter pets were gaining far too much durability from hunter stats, to the point where some pets could get more than double the health and armor of a well-geared level 25 player. We still want dedicated hunters to have the ability to tank certain dungeon and raid encounters, but pets shouldn’t be so effective that they become the objectively correct choice.
    • Aspect of the Lion has been redesigned and will now function as an Aura.
      • Developers’ notes: This means that it is possible to have Aspect of the Lion up in addition to another aspect, such as Aspect of the Hawk. As an offset to the lower amount of damage that some hunter pets will deal, and to make talents such as Improved Aspect of the Hawk more attractive to Hunters using Aspect of the Lion, we’re shifting Aspect of the Lion into an aura rather than an aspect. This change will go into effect with scheduled weekly maintenance tomorrow, but the tooltip will not yet change. In a later hotfix, we’ll rename relocalize Aspect of the Lion to “Heart of the Lion” and update the tooltip.
  • Blackfathom Deeps
    • Elemental Resistances lowered in Blackfathom Deeps to levels more appropriate for a level 25 Raid.
      • Gelihast Shadow Resist lowered to 25 (was 75).
      • Lorgus Jett Nature Resist lowered to 25 (was 75).
      • Twilight Lord Kelris Shadow and Arcane Resist lowered to 25 (was 75).
        • Phantasmal Priestess all Resist lowered to 0 (was 75), so it’s no longer bad news if double casters are sent down to the dream in Phase 1.
      • Invading Nightmare Shadow and Fire Resist lowered to 25 (was 75).
      • Void Elementals Shadow Resist lowered lowered to 25 (was 75).
      • Corrosive Droplets Nature Resist lowered to 25 (was 75), and Frost Resist lowered to 0 (was 25).