Diablo 2 Remaster made possible by fan

In a previous post we had already concluded that it is difficult to make a remaster of Diablo 2, since Blizzard stated that the original source code is gone.

In an interview withGamespot, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer, and David Brevik share their story about this:

There was one story, in particular, that sounds like a developer’s nightmare. Erich and Max Schaefer recalled that in the 11th hour of the development of Diablo II, the full backup of the game’s source code and resources was lost. “Not just our code, but all our assets. Irrevocable, deadly corrupt, “said Max Schaefer.

But now Redditor zomprd has been busy scaling up animations and textures. He is currently scaling up to 1080p in order to make a fan-made remaster of Diablo 2.





Above you can see some of his work, on which he had the following to say:

Greetings, stranger. Stay and listen!

As I said in this previous post, I am working on a web application – a Diablo 2 prototype with scaled-up structures.

Last time I used ESRGAN with Manga model to scale up Rogue Encampment, this time I extracted some animations and used different models to scale them up.

Here are the results: https://quiet-springs-45295.herokuapp.com

Ask for you: which model do you like best?

Some remarks:

The bigger the screen, the better, at least fullHD (for extra pleasure press F11!)
Loading can take a few seconds, the size of the animations is approximately 10 MB
At this moment you can zoom in, the final app cannot be zoomed in (this is automatically reduced to full screen)
Each animation was scaled up by a factor of 2 (2x larger width and height, total 4x larger area)
Don’t forget the zombies below
Plans for the future:

Re-scale some UI elements and items
Busy with the application itself
As stated, the final resolution is fullHD. It is possible to make a 4K version, but the result is a web app – 4K textures take up too much space. And I also don’t have a 4K screen to test it on
Work on it a few hours a day. The next report will be in a few days, when something new will be shown to you
Which model do you like best?

The comments below this message are taken into account when I choose a single model for this and all other animations.

Your opinion counts!

The plan is also to scale up some characters, monsters, items and other textures in the coming days and to create a web application – a prototype, a Diablo 2 demo – that uses these scaled up textures.

Stay with it for more.

Keep in mind that the demo feels a bit different than the original game, because I’m actually rebuilding a new game completely (only with the scaled up textures and music from D2).

This guy is a hero for Diablo fans, putting countless hours into making the remaster available for all players!

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