Diablo creator about Diablo 2 Remaster: “Will it be the same game? Doubtful”

David Brevik, video game designer, producer and programmer who served as the co-founder and president of Blizzard North. answered this question about a potential Diablo 2 remaster during a Livestream. The question was whether he thinks Blizzard can make a good remaster of the game.

“Of course they can do it. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but they can do anything,” said David. “I feel like they … I think it’s very possible for them to do. Will it be the same game? Doubtful.”

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Brevik does not think that Blizzard is going to get away with just setting up a remaster. “It got all sort of technical problems like I’ve stated on the stream before. We lost a bunch of the assets, late in the process.” This has to do with a database that went corrupt.

“We had a backup database, our source control corrupted and we lost everything. So they don’t have a lot of the assets and stuff, which is going to be a problem.”

The founder also said that it was difficult to further program it at all. They don’t have any of the people that worked on the code or did anything there … any of the balancing, quest..any thing like that. They don’t have any expertise. So good luck trying figuring out what the hell we did, nobody ever contacted me about it. ”

From a gamer perspective, we find it strange that contact was never made with the maker to make this a success. Not that we get the same scenario as with the WarCraft III remaster.

At the moment it is only rumoured that a remaster of the game is coming, but given Blizzard’s timeline, it is not surprising that a remaster of Diablo 2 is coming