Diablo Director reveals that there’s been “some progress” but Season Pass Helltide Chest Requirement is still bugged

It looks like many players will need to wait longer to finish their Seasonal Journey because of an issue. Diablo 4 Players found that even though they opened many Helltide chests (both Mystery and standard), their Season Journey goals weren’t advancing. This caused frustration because there are three goals connected to these chests. Luckily, Blizzard is aware of the problem, but there’s no solution available yet.

Adam Fletcher, Diablo Global Community Development Director, mentioned on Twitter that they’ve made some progress in fixing the issue. However, they can’t say when the fix will be ready. There’s a quick update scheduled for Patch 1.1.1 within the week, but it’s uncertain if this will solve the problem in time or if a full patch will be needed instead of a quick update.

The upcoming update should address issues with bugs in the Fury Against Fate quest.