Diablo now Playable in Browser

Diablo recently announced the mobile game Diablo Immortal is in fact not the first Diablo game that will be possible to play on a phone!

So if you don’t own Diablo 1, now you can play it for free (CLICK HERE)!

Rivsoft, a company that have create a bunch of projects like the Diablo 3 character planner and Heroes of the Storm replay manager, made it possible to play Diablo 1 in browser!
The game was reconstructed from the original source code and it worked out perfectly

Diablo 1 playable in Shareware version

Quote from Icy-veins.com

This project is based on https://github.com/diasurgical/devilution.

Source code to build the WebAssembly modules is here: https://github.com/d07RiV/devilution

I’ve modified the code to remove all dependencies and exposed the minimal required interface with JS, allowing the game to be compiled into WebAssembly.

Event handling (especially in the menus) had to be modified significantly to fit the JS model.

The project is hosted on https://d07RiV.github.io/diabloweb/ along with spawn.mpq from the shareware version (place it in the public folder to run locally). This allows shareware version to be played anywhere, even on mobile phones. To play the full game, you must use your own DIABDAT.MPQ that you can obtain with the original copy of the game from GoG.

Have fun playing Diablo 1 (again)!