“Drunk” Overwatch League caster derails during broadcast

Overwatch League caster Hexagrams commented on August 15 “drunk” live during an APAC Livestream. He was swearing during the official match and was dissing sponsors.

Because the COVID-19 situation requires the casters to cast from a different situation than they are used to, some may feel like the walls are coming towards them. Robert “Hexagrams” Kirkbride suffered a mental breakdown during a live match between Seoul Dynasty vs. New York Excelsior and Shanghai Dragons vs. London Spitfire.

Many viewers were shocked and quite confused after the caster was constantly whining and making strange remarks that some viewers thought he was stoned or drunk.

Some of the most bizarre moments include Hexagrams stating that he doesn’t know “who sponsors this (OWL’s player of the match award) nor do I care,” openly cursing at Spitfire’s players saying they were pulling a lot of “dumb sh * t “against the Dragons, and just generally losing his train of thought, dragging out words and displaying mannerisms that would make anyone believe he was working intoxicated.

Afterwards, Hxagrams himself commented on the situation

“Hey, sometimes your mental breaks. Sometimes it’s been six months looking at the same walls and you have to take sleeping pills and work at 1 am,” explained Hexagram, adding: “Sometimes your mental breaks and that’s okay.”