World of Warcraft Classic

Experience World of Warcraft in Virtual Reality with Unofficial Mod

Flat2VR has launched a mod for World of Warcraft that enables players to explore Azeroth in first-person.

With this mod, it allows you to play World of Warcraft in VR, giving you the chance to explore Azeroth from a first-person view. WoVR been in development for over ten years but the developers of the mod felt it was high time for it to finally appear after such a long development period, but they maintain that it remains a work-in-progress project.

“WoVR has been in on and off development for over ten years, it originally started development as a mod for the Oculus DK1 back in 2013. In January 2024 after a 4 year long hiatus we decided to restart development from scratch with everything we learned from creating XIVR. This mod not only converts the game to be playable with motion controllers but also aims to add quality of life improvements from FF14.”

The WoVR mod is only compatible with patch 3.3.5a, the final update made to Wrath of the Lich King. The developers are warning users that WoVR and its code come with no guarantees, so use them at your own risk.