Faction Merge status in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Unfortunately, for fans who want to walk hand-in-hand with the different faction. The leaks are not true. Game Director Ion Hazzikostan has confirmed that no Faction Merge is going to happen in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Although it is not in balance with Mythic raiding, where Alliance guilds have a hard time filling Mythic Hall of Fame.

This week our website is full of articles about the new expansion Shadowlands. For example, we have written a full report about the panel that was on BlizzCon.

Professions will get updates. You can for example add a haste and crit gem to a leather working job to get the stats you want on an item. Control is back. Death Knights will be available for all races and there will be a level squish with all players going from 120 to 50 in the pre patch, and then leveling to 60 in the expansion.

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