Final Chance to Claim WoW Shadowlands Pre-Patch Event Rewards Today

This is your final chance to claim Shadowlands pre-patch rewards! The pre-patch event ends 1 hour before Shadowlands goes live and this is your last chance to get the 34-slot bag, the pet, or Accursed Keepsake before they get removed from the game permanently.

  • Papa's Mint Condition Bag Papa’s Mint Condition Bag is a 34-slot bag that drops from Bronjahm, an Elite in Icecrown that you can find at 71,38. He’s up only once every 200 minutes, and the drop chance is small, so it will take a while before you get your bag. Check out this site to see when Bronjahm spawns next.
  • Putrid Geist Putrid Geist is a battle pet that you can purchase for 20 Argent Commendations, a currency from daily quests in Icecrown.
  • Untitled-1.png
  • Catch-up gear of Item Level 100, on par with Normal difficulty Ny’alotha, can be purchased for 15 Argent Commendations, each from quartermasters in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. If you want to purchase the whole set, you will need to gather 135 Argent Commendations.
  • Icecrown Elites drop Item Level 110 gear, and Blizzard reduced the timer to 10 minutes.
  • Accursed Keepsake Accursed Keepsake is an upgraded Haunted Memento Haunted Memento that has a small chance to drop from any Icecrown Elite. It spawns a ghost that follows you when you have the item in your inventory. Both items interact with each other.