Game Director Final Fantasy XIV and WoW Classic Lead Engineer about collaboration

Maybe a somewhat strange combination, but it is possible! Nick Nijland from IGN Benelux spoke to Yoshida-san, game director, of Final Fantasy XIV and Lead Software Engineer Brian Birmingham about a hypothetical collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft.

Quote from IGN Benelux

Yoshida told IGN in their interview, that they looked at World of Warcraft when their game was at a low point. “At release, our game was not that good. We looked at WoW and saw what they were doing with their game and brought our game up to their standards.”He then went on to say his team plays 50% Final Fantasy XIV, and 50% World of Warcraft, when they have time off.

IGN then talked to Brian Birmingham and told him about the compliment.

A short hypothetical questions. Last weekend I spoke with Yoshida-san at Gamescom about Final Fantasy XIV and he said they are huge fans of World of Warcraft and they use the game as inspiration to make their game better. He would, therefore, like to do a collaboration. My question: If you could make a character from another game, a boss in WoW, whom would that be?

“What a nice compliment from Yoshida, which is very nice to hear! Regarding your question. Diablo seems insanely cool to fight against. He is already great in Diablo, imagine you can fight him with 40 people at once!

A great compliment from Yoshida for the game we all love, and also a great idea from Brian. How cool would it be to fight Diablo?