Hearthstone releases cinematic trailer of new expansion Showdown in the Badlands

During BlizzCon 2023’s kickoff, Blizzard shared some exciting Hearthstone news. Reno Jackson and Elyse Starseeker are getting an origin story in Showdown In The Badlands. Plus, they’ll introduce lots of new cards, including Hearthstone’s first neutral card, before the expansion comes out on November 14th.

In an effort to support and assist newcomers and overwhelmed players, the team is thrilled to introduce Catch Up Packs. These packs provide an impressive collection of up to 50 cards, a significant upgrade from the usual five. These cards are all selected from the last two years and are primed for use in constructed play. When players log in, they will automatically receive Catch Up packs, and those attending BlizzCon or those who have purchased digital collections will receive some additional packs for free!