Season of Discovery

Incoming Hotfix: Class Tuning for Hunters and Priests in the Season of Discovery

Blizzard has recently revealed Class Tuning adjustments that will be implemented on January 11th specifically for Hunters and Priests for World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

The hotfix for Hunters will primarily focus on their trusty companions. One notable adjustment is a reduction in both Pet damage and Focus Regeneration. This alteration aims to bring a more balanced gameplay experience for Hunters, ensuring that their abilities are in line with other classes.

Priests will also see some modifications in their healing abilities. Healing from Runes will be decreased by 20%. While this adjustment may require some adaptation for Priest players, it is aimed at maintaining a fair and balanced healing environment across all classes.

Blizzard’s dedication to regularly tuning and fine-tuning each class demonstrates their commitment to providing an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for all Season of Discovery players.

Season of Discovery Class Tuning Incoming - January 11 - (source)

Tomorrow, we intend to make the following adjustments via hotfixes:


  • Chimera Shot weapon damage increased to 100% (was 85%).
  • Explosive Shot base damage increased by 25% before Attack Power modifiers.
  • Mana cost of Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, Carve, Kill Command, and Flanking Strike reduced by 50%.
  • Beast Mastery rune bonus health and damage provided to Hunter pets reduced to 20% (was 30%).
  • Beast Mastery rune bonus Focus regeneration provided to Hunter pets reduced to 50% (was 80%).
    • Developers’ notes: We remain concerned that Hunter pets are still too powerful, and believe that the best way forward is to reign in the Beast Mastery rune while compensating via the Hunter’s main spells.


  • Base healing done by rune abilities reduced by 20%.
    • Priests are outperforming other healers significantly. This adjustment will apply to Prayer of Mending, Penance, and Circle of Healing.

We’ll confirm here tomorrow (January 11) when the changes go live to all Season of Discovery realms.