How to claim the free Silver Pig Pet in World of Warcraft

The newest cosmetic pet in World of Warcraft Dragonflight is the Silver Pig, which hasn’t been available for over ten years. As part of their efforts to bring back past items, Blizzard has reintroduced old toys and pets like the Ethereal Portal and Spirit of Competition. Now, players can get the Silver Pig by linking their Blizzard account to their Prime Gaming account. The promotion will run from the end of July to most of August, giving players about four weeks to claim the rare pet.

Prime Gaming free Silver Pig Pet World of Warcraft

How to Claim the Nostalgic Silver Pig Pet

Now, World of Warcraft players with an Amazon Prime account can obtain this nostalgic pet by connecting their Prime account with their Blizzard account. Once the accounts are linked, simply click the “Claim” button on the dedicated page and then select the “Get in-game content” option after being redirected.

Afterward, launch World of Warcraft, access the collections tab and find the pets menu to reveal the Silver Pig pet, which will likely be presented in a beautifully wrapped gift box.