How to play World of Warcraft on Mobile

Imagine you are at work or school and you are bored. That’s not surprising, because everyone has.
What if you can fill that time with leveling, for example, your Classic character?

Redditor reallybadpennystocks showed in a video that he was leveling his priest, and everyone was curious how he did this.


Curious how he did this? Then check the guide below!
Hey guys I’ll do a write up on how I did this when I get home. Edit: GUIDE Disclaimers: May or may not be against TOS, I personally don’t care. If you play on cellular it obviously will eat through your data. Some cell towers block port 0 which stops steam link from working.

  1. Download steam link to your android or iOS device.
  2. Ensure you are connected to the same network for this step, go to options and go to steam link and make sure you have it enabled.
  3. Launch the app and scan for computers running steam on your network. Sometimes it will not detect it and you’ll have to use other computer. It took me a few tries on other computer for them to connect.
  4. Add the classic wow executable( not your steam short cuts, you can do this in settings and short cuts.
  5. On your phone or tablet, go to options and find the controller presets, click on the desktop configuration and find the one that says WASD mouse and keyboard.
  6. Launch the wow shortcut in big picture, it’ll take you to battle net, launch wow with it. It SHOULD change your controller from an ABXY Xbox like controller to one with a dpad and some buttons.
  7. Open the options on your phone by using the button in my top left corner on the video and choose layout options. Drag the WASD joy stick on the screen to make it static.
  8. Change the mouse control scheme to direct cursor, this acts more like a touch screen instead of a track pad.
  9. Change bindings to your wish. I use R and F to change my hot bars up and down so I can use the dpad 1-4 more easily. E is my auto run.
  10. Change settings in game to left click interact since you don’t have a readily available right click.

Play with the settings to find what works best for you, you can add more buttons in big picture but it never wants to work right for me for some reason. Make sure you have steam running when you leave the house. Change graphic options to Classic as mine runs much better this way. Some performance drops happen pretty often, depending on your network. Some port forwarding might have to be done for some people, every network is different. You’ll have to swap between mouse control schemes and swap off the keyboard on some menus like the AH or accepting quests. Two finger tap is right click.

Enjoy playing World of Warcraft on your Mobile Device!