Item with Minus Stats Discovered in World of Warcraft

A World of Warcraft player named SpearLT300 on Reddit found something interesting while cleaning up their bank. The Redditor shared a screenshot of a dagger called Frozen Bonespike, which used to be really good for boosting Critical Strike chances. But now, when SpearLT300 used it, it actually made their Critical Strike worse instead of better, which was kind of funny.

Clearing my bank I found an item with negative crit
byu/SpearLT300 inwow

This isn’t the first time something like this happened in the game. Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, there were items that made characters weaker instead of stronger, like a staff that made people less smart or a cloak that made them less tough. Some of these items can still be found in the game today, but they don’t have the bad effects anymore.

The reason for the negative effect on the Frozen Bonespike is probably because of changes that happened over time in the game. Players think it might be because the dagger has a special version that’s more powerful, and this special version has a socket for a gem. Because the Frozen Bonespike is not very powerful on its own, the game’s system probably made it worse on purpose to balance out the power of the gem socket.