NetEase and Blizzard will craft a new Warcraft Gorehowl statue after last year’s destruction

NetEase has revealed its renewed partnership with Blizzard Entertainment to create a brand-new Gorehowl statue. Last year, following the announcement of the shutdown, NetEase publicly demolished the existing World of Warcraft statue.

On Wednesday, Blizzard Entertainment revealed in a joint statement with NetEase, a Chinese internet technology company specializing in online services centered on content and communication, their plans to reintroduce titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone to the Chinese market this summer. The Chinese company has shared more about their plans for World of Warcraft in China after partnering with Blizzard again.


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NetEase assures that when the server restarts, all account data will be securely preserved, eliminating the need for speculation or risky account transactions. Additionally, preparations for various e-sports events are underway, with enhanced anti-cheating measures set to be implemented in the game.

To conclude, NetEase and Blizzard artists will collaborate on creating a new Gorehowl sculpture. The destruction of the statue outside their headquarters last year followed criticism from NetEase regarding Blizzard’s last-minute attempt to extend the license for World of Warcraft and other games in China for six months.

A letter to Blizzard game players in the Chinese server - (source)



















—— GOOGLE TRANSLATE Chinese – English

Dear Blizzard players, long time no see, we are about to reunite!

Just now, the national server has officially announced its return! We are ecstatic and deeply responsible for this, so we hope this letter can answer some of your questions and share some of our vision.

The agreement has been signed, but we still need a lot of time to make technical preparations for opening the server. For example, we need to rebuild a new server room, restore various data, etc. We are very sorry that we cannot deliver the Blizzard family bucket to you soon. Both NetEase and Blizzard will do their best to shorten your wait. Each game will be launched in sequence, and the first returning game will be reunited with everyone in the summer.

When the server is turned on, we will ensure that your account data is completely retained. Please do not listen to rumors and participate in unprotected transactions of accounts or account data.

During your absence from the national server, you missed many activities and benefits. We will provide you with the opportunity to regain them whenever possible. We will also prepare return commemorative welfare and operational activities for players in the national server.

We will observe and collect players’ needs for the game’s server version through various channels, and properly arrange the version strategy. Preparations for various e-sports events have also begun. Without players in the national server, we are missing too much excitement!

A lot of work needs to be carried out with great concentration. We will introduce to you the specific arrangements for each game at an appropriate time in the future. We hope to satisfy you.

The above are our efforts to cure the regret of discontinuation of medication.

It is not easy to recover from injured muscles and bones, but our muscles and bones will be stronger after recovery, which is the so-called excessive recovery. Through the new cooperation method, we will restore better services to players in the Chinese server.

More anti-cheating measures will be added to the game. In the new agreement, we will have more space to optimize the game environment for the national server, and more updated technical means and legal means are ready.

The national server publishing team will carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with game developers, and together we will bring you better services and content.

The creator community will also receive better management and support. While the Chinese server is away, many authors are still providing high-quality content for Blizzard games, and this love and dedication will be rewarded accordingly. Emerging creators will also have more opportunities to gain attention. Thank you to the creators for their dedication and trust over the years!

Finally, let’s recast Gorehowl together!

NetEase and Blizzard artists will work together to design and cast a new Gorehowl sculpture. We will collect the players’ thoughts and memories, integrate them into the design, and carve them into the new Bloodhowl. We will make the new blood roar a new token for players, NetEase and Blizzard. This drop will never wear out.

You can participate in the message activity on the official website. Not only will the selected message be cast into Blood Roar, but the player who left the message will also receive a Blizzard peripheral gift pack worth 500 yuan. You can also participate in the event through the cooperation channels NetEase Dashen APP and NetEase Cloud Music APP, each with more gifts.

We believe that healing experienced together leads to stronger trust. New teams on both sides of the Pacific will respond to your call with the greatest enthusiasm.