New app launcher looks amazing

The announcements are probably flying around you at the moment, but we don’t want you to miss them. is a very important platform for every Blizzard enthusiast.
Blizzard has been busy lately with the finetune of their launcher and that is quite successful! Anyone who has agreed on the beta program is eligible for this new launcher.

No official release date has been announced yet


We’ve been hard at work on new features for the Desktop App, and we wanted to show you a preview of what we’re developing. Starting today, anyone who’s opted in to test updates can try out our beta.

Though we’re improving the look and feel of, we also want to keep this preview familiar and easy to use. Here’s what to expect.

The most obvious difference between the beta and its full-release sibling is a refreshed user interface. We’ve heard many of you loud and clear: You want more control over your game navigation, and you’d like your friends and chats to be easily accessible. You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the stories view for each game, so you can see more recent updates and highlights. To see all the updates in the beta, check out our patch notes.

If you didn’t sign up to test new versions of, but you want to, log into the Desktop App, head to the “Beta” menu in “Settings”, and opt in to try future patches before they’re officially released.

We’ll continue making the App more user-friendly, more informative, and more customizable. We want it to help you connect with your friends and play games quickly and easily.
If you have any thoughts about what would make the app a better experience for you, please use the app forums to send us your feedback.
We’ll see you in-game!