New Feature in 8.2.5: Party Sync

Finally it’s here! Where other MMOs were already ahead, Blizzard has now finally made the move.
Party Sync! Now you never have to worry again that your character’s level is too high.

It might be different than you think, read the entire blue post here below!

Playing with friends when your characters are different levels is now easier than ever with Party Sync.

If you’d like to play WoW with your friends without having to worry about whether your characters’ levels are too far apart, the new Party Sync feature is for you!


When players activate Party Sync, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. By mousing over a quest in your tracker, you can see who’s on a given quest, what their progress is, and who’s ready to turn it in. You’ll also have access to a “replay quest” feature that allows players who have already completed certain quests to replay them with friends who haven’t for rewards that are appropriate to their current actual level, regardless of the original level of the quest. Quests can be replayed for rewards once a day.

While most quests can be replayed, there are some exceptions. Repeatable quests, such as dailies and World Quests, can’t be replayed. We’ve also excluded some quests with story implications from being replayed. These are determined on a case-by-case basis, and may include quests like the Demon Hunter starting zone quests, or quests where you might choose to betray the Warchief (how could you!).


With Party Sync, you can choose to have your level temporarily adjusted, making it so higher-level players can quest and experience outdoor content with lower-level friends as they level up.

Recruit A Friend Rewards
Accept the sync request to join your friends on their adventure!

Levels will be scaled down to the cap of the expansion content your lowest-level party member qualifies for. As an example, if your lowest-level player is level 83 your level will be scaled down to level 90. However if they’re level 21, your character will be scaled down to level 60.

Original WoWLevel 60
The Burning CrusadeLevel 80
Wrath of the Lich KingLevel 80
CataclysmLevel 90
Mists of PandariaLevel 90
Warlords of DraenorLevel 100
LegionLevel 110

While Party Sync is active, party members’ stats are reduced and skills are limited to a set that reflects their temporary level, including disabling some items that are beyond the scope of the experience at that level. This keeps the focus on helping lower-level party members. Unlike in Timewalking, when your level is scaled through Party Sync, you will temporarily lose access to abilities and powers (such as Azerite Traits and spells, abilities, talents, and trinket effects) with requirements that exceed your reduced level.


To begin Party Sync:

  1. Invite and accept players into a party.
  2. Open your Map & Quest Log (hotkey: M).
  3. ClickStart Party Syncin the lower-right hand corner.
  4. Have all partied players clickAccepton the Party Sync confirmation dialogue box.

Once all players have accepted, quest status will be synced and levels will become adjusted so you can play together!

While questing in Party Sync, you may see quests you’ve already done before—those are Replay Quests! Accept them as normal and quest together, but remember that Replay Quests are temporary and go away when the Party Sync ends. Additionally, some quests can become deactivated if your group no longer meets the requirements. Quests that can’t be replayed won’t display an icon, while a grayed-out icon indicates quests that your party sync group does not qualify for that are in your log. You can’t complete these quests until you leave Party Sync. To do so, click Stop Party Sync at the bottom of the Map & Quest Log.


To help you help your friends, we’ve created a brand-new RAF panel in-game to help you know when to expect your next reward and given your access to Party Sync. The RAF panel also lists special activities available to players who participate in the program. Complete these in-game challenges with your recruits to earn even more rewards.


Party Sync will become available when the upcoming 8.2.5 content update goes live in the next few weeks.