World of Warcraft The War Within

WoW The War Within player finds comical detail about how the new Allied race dies

A fan of World of Warcraft recently noticed a funny detail about the Earthen Allied Race in “The War Within”: when Earthen race die in the game, they leave piles of rocks instead of skeletons.

In the latest World of Warcraft expansion, “World of Warcraft: The War Within,” that is now in Alpha, players can now choose to play as the Earthen.

One fan noticed something interesting about this addition: When characters from most races die in the game, they leave a skeleton behind after being resurrected. However, since the Earthen are made of rock and stone, they don’t have skeletons, so they leave some rocks instead.

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We’ve met Titan-forged Earthen before in Ulduar and other places, but this society of Earthen has been isolated within Khaz Algar for a long while and have developed their own manners and customs. Visually, they are a bit larger, and gem encrusted. Philosophically, they are guided by the edicts of the Titans with a set of codified orders, duties, and expectations that provide instructions for the core functions of their society. But, the Titans have been absent for eons and the Earthen are no longer united in their adherence to the edicts. They now exist as three separate groups that are estranged from one another.

  • Oathsworn – As their name suggests, these Earthen still uphold the Edicts. Their charge is guarding the Coreway, the Titan passageway that leads to the core of Azeroth. They are primarily city dwellers, living conveniently near the object of their responsibility.
  • Unbound – In contrast, these Earthen have abandoned the edicts. Their original responsibility was providing materials to keep the Titan installations supplied. They are primarily rural, living in and around the quarries, mines, and other places where natural resources can be acquired. They rarely interact with the city dwellers.
  • Machine Speakers – These Earthen have strayed from the Edicts in practice but now with respect to their overall obligation to repair the Titan works. They have had limited contact with surface dwellers. Their homes are built around the vast industrial projects under the surface.

No longer unified in working together to solve their problems, they are weakened. A much larger problem is in their dwindling numbers.

It is up to the heroes of Azeroth to aid the Earthen and find a way to unite them once more and replenish their numbers.


Earthen will also be unlocked as a playable race, replenishing the culture’s dwindling numbers by either joining the Horde or the Alliance. Players will be able to choose either faction to begin their journey.

There are many customizations that will be coming for these Earthen including different gem encrustations, beards for all body types, skin colorizations, and more.