Player Finally Gets Rare World of Warcraft Mount After 5-Year Hunt

In World of Warcraft, getting cool mounts is a big deal. Imagine hunting for one special mount for five whole years! Well, that’s exactly what one player did. On August 22nd, a player posted on WoW’s subreddit, telling everyone about their amazing achievement. They finally got the Sharkbait mount from the Freehold area, which drops from the last boss, Harlan Sweete.

5 years later and nearly 400 attempts later, im honestly in shock
byu/Gravitycat5000 inwow

World of Warcraft

Nobody knows exactly how hard it is to get this mount because the game doesn’t reveal the chances. But from what other players are saying, it’s really, really tough. Some of them tried hundreds of times over years before they finally got it.

There are other hard-to-get mounts in the game, like Drake of the North Wind, dropped by the second boss in Vortex Pinnacle.