Player has 31 Max Level Shadowlands Characters: “Not as much [time] as you would think”

Shadowlands has been out for a while now and everyone has their own goals what he or she wants to do next. Only there has been a player who has literally done them almost All. Jarvent (player) says that all characters you can think of are at max level. For some strange reason, he has an extra Demon Hunter. Jarvent really wanted to have all the Covenant options available at all times, and so decided to make 4 characters for each class, one for each Covenant.

All characters did start at level 50, and yes … he has had some sleep .. played other games and got them all to max level in a legal way.

Yes all of them started at 50 (one at 48). Not as much [time] as you would think. I still try to get 8-9 hours of sleep a day. A lot of it is just sheer will to get up and level them. I’ve resorted as far as to even pet battle on my 3rd monitor for 4k exp at a time when I’m just playing other games. This result could’ve prob even been doubled had a robot sat here and did it since I still do keys on my main, collect, spend time playing other games etc.