Possible hero bans in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is thinking about big changes to how players choose heroes and swap them during matches, like possibly adding a ban system. Though these changes aren’t confirmed, but the developers are looking into options.

In a recent chat with Twitch streamers Emongg and Flats, game producer Kenny Hudson and lead hero designer Alec Dawson talked about different topics, including possible reworks for heroes like Wrecking Ball and Cassidy.

In the interview, the lead hero designer talked about changing heroes. In Overwatch 2 matches, especially in competitive play, players often keep switching heroes to counter each other.


Blizzard knows some players are very annoyed by this trend, and they’re just starting to figure out how to fix it. The game is starting to find solutions, considering ideas like limiting hero swaps or adding a ban system, which they plan to test internally.

These changes aim to make hero selection more strategic, but players have different opinions. Some like the idea of bans, common in games like Rainbow Six Siege, while others think that being able to change heroes is crucial to the Overwatch 2 experience and are worried about adding more restrictions.

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