Raids are coming soon to Warcraft Rumble

At the start of BlizzCon 2023, Executive Producer Vik Saraf talked about Warcraft Rumble. Warcraft Rumble offers an extensive campaign with more than 70 bosses to challenge your skills. For those seeking an extra thrill, there’s a heroic version with added difficulty. What sets these battles apart is the meticulously handcrafted maps, featuring verticality, cunning traps, mind-bending puzzles, and various challenges to keep you engaged.

Solo Dungeons and Epic Gauntlets

Venture into solo dungeons or take on the intense three-million gauntlets through Gnomeregon and the Deadmines. For those who prefer player-versus-player action, Rumble offers maps inspired by World of Warcraft classics. Additionally, players can band together by joining guilds, creating a sense of community within the game.

An Expanding Universe

Warcraft Rumble is already packed with content, but the excitement doesn’t stop there. With new minis introduced in each season, the adventure is ever-evolving. Speaking of seasons, Season 1 of Warcraft Rumble is now live and features none other than the formidable Banshee Queen herself, Sylvanas Windrunner!

Coming Soon: Raids

But hold onto your swords, as there’s more to look forward to. The biggest challenge in the Warcraft universe, raids, will soon make their debut in Warcraft Rumble.