Season of Discovery

Season of Discovery dev confirms changes in PvP event due to performance concerns

The Blood Moon PvP event in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is currently the place to be in STV, but there are some performance problems. Now, the Season of Discovery senior game developer has made changes.

Every three hours, a red fog transforms Stranglethorn Vale into a 30-minute free-for-all PvP zone, allowing attacks between factions (excluding party members). Participants also get a 30% Stamina boost. When you die, you get a 20-second debuff. You become invisible and immune to attacks, but can’t cast spells. You can still move around and mount up.

The Free-for-all event is enjoyable, but some players mentioned performance problems in the event zone. In a post on X, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield assured players that the development team has made “adjustments” specifically aimed at resolving performance issues in Stranglethorn Vale:

While many issues in Classic WoW have been reported, the exact cause of this problem is unclear. Make sure to follow for the latest World of Warcraft news