World of Warcraft Hardcore

Self-found mode in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore now available for testing

You can now try out the Classic Hardcore “Self-Found” mode on the Classic Era PTR for testing.

Solo self-found is a mode for players who avoid any interaction with other players. When following this set of rules, you are not allowed to do the following:

* Trade with other players
* Send or receive mail
* Buy or sell from the auction house

During BlizzCon 2023, they confirmed the introduction of solo self-found for WoW Classic Hardcore, with a scheduled launch window set for 2024. Solo Self-Found (SSF) was already a favored ruleset for Classic servers in World of Warcraft, players are now incorporating the solo self-found approach into their hardcore runs. Some players found the Classic hardcore mode a bit too easy, so this adds an extra layer of complexity to the game!

You can team up with others for dungeons in WoW Classic Hardcore because soloing dungeons at your level isn’t easy, also you can only complete each dungeon once a day.

World of Warcraft Hardcore